touchscreen point of sale systemA point-of-sale (POS) system is the structure of checkout terminals and computers that you and your customers use to make purchases. It’s one of the most personal parts of your sales process and represents a big step for the customer.

At Authorized Credit Card Systems, we know point-of-sale. We appreciate a positive customer experience and want you and your customers to have one too. That’s why we stay up-to-date on POS systems and their capabilities. When you come to us for help with your point-of-sale, we can talk with you in detail about the system that’s right for you.

Today’s POS systems integrate personal interaction with computerized processing to create a fast and easy sales experience with a human touch. They also provide business owners with tools to help manage their sales information and use it to adjust and expand their business.

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A useful POS system will do two things:

Keep your customers happy

Shoppers like to keep things fast and simple. A credit card terminal that doesn’t interfere with their shopping experience is vital to a successful sale. A good system will provide customers with a user interface that doesn’t require a lot of interaction. Give them the options they want at checkout to keep customers coming back.

Checkout should also be speedy and reliable. The slide of a card, the push of a button, and a goodbye is the ultimate experience. An unreliable system can lose sales and returning shoppers. Failed transactions can be crippling for businesses, so make sure your POS system is online and on point all the time.

Flexibility in your system is also key. Your credit card terminal should be ready to accept many cards from many processors and banks so your customers don’t have to worry about having the right payment method. Customers come from different backgrounds with different preferences, and your point-of-sale should be prepared for all of them.

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Keeping your business growing

POS systems should not just be user-friendly, they should also be business friendly. Current point-of-sale equipment can record data about sales for your use as a planning and maintenance tool.

They are very intuitive and can keep track of data that can be used in many ways:

Keep track of your inventory

By adding inventory information to your POS system, you can track changes in your stock after each sale. Prevent stocking problems and unhappy customers by watching sales and predicting when you’ll need to restock with point of sale software.

Monitor how quickly certain items fly off the shelves and make sure that when customer demand is high, so is your supply.

Adjust pricing

Your business has to keep your prices competitive or risk losing your customer base. You may want to give discounts or adjust your prices for valuable items in your inventory. Do it on the fly with your point-of-sale system. Price adjustment is easy and instant – all pricing and inventory information is stored in your network.

Authorized Credit Card Systems has the right credit card terminal for your business. Let’s sit down and talk about what we can do for you.

Watch your purchase history

See trends in sales of special or seasonal items and make predictions about how well they will sell in the future. Take advantage of popular items and find out when the best time is to offer discounts on products that aren’t trending anymore.

Make informed decisions about new products by gauging whether customers prefer older versions. Stay ahead of the curve by keeping items stocked that never go out of fashion.

Internet Payment Gateways

If you conduct business online, ACCS has your back. We are also experts in Internet payment gateways, the point-of-sale for online businesses.

When you use an Internet gateway, you have no physical POS, so you have to have a system that is usable by even the most novice Internet shopper.

It’s best to set up and Internet gateway that is:

User friendly

Your gateway should be prepared to accept many different kinds of payment online. Your customers should also feel comfortable shopping on your website – and that does include your gateway. Checkout online should be just as simple as checkout in a real store.


Today’s blazing internet speeds mean that the demand for fast checkout processes is just as important. Maximize the growth of your business by keeping your gateway fast and reliable.


Customers have to be able to trust your business or you won’t make any sales. Back your internet gateway with beefed up security and let your customers know up-front how safe their information is.

Talk with Authorized Credit Card Systems to turn your customers’ checkout into a stress-free experience.