Chip card reader

Does My Business Need a Chip Reader?

After a wave of crimes involving the theft of customers’ credit and debit information through mass data breaches in retail stores through credit card swipe machines, chip and PIN credit cards began to gain serious public attention. If your business is still using older magnetic swipe credit card readers, there are some security vulnerabilities.

Person using a chip card/EMV card

What is EMV?

Cash transactions are becoming rarer every day as consumers make the switch to credit and debit cards. Businesses must offer these payment options to stay competitive. Fortunately, today’s credit card systems for small business are more secure than ever, thanks to EMV technology.

credit card chip system

Easing Smart Chip Hassles

Though US consumers only hold 24 percent of the world’s credit cards, they are the most frequent targets of stolen data. In fact, a 2015 reports notes that 47 percent of global credit card fraud happens in the US. Major incidents involving stolen data from retail and restaurant chains made international headlines and caused those companies massive financial losses. One of the primary reasons that US cardholders have historically been easy targets is the country’s long delay in adopting smart chip credit card systems.