harbor touchThe Harbortouch Elite point of sale system is a fully integrated sales terminal that offers premium functionality to the restaurant and small business industry. The Harbortouch Elite system handles in-store and online purchases, reservations and booking, employee management, customer databases for marketing efforts, menus ordering, discounting and deals, and table tracking for restaurants.

With a fully integrated cash register, receipt system and the ability to take multiple forms of payments, the Harbortouch Elite is a perfect option to fit most restaurants, bars, spas, salons, small businesses.

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Benefits of Harbortouch

Instant record keeping icon

Inventory Tracking

With a simple barcode integration, the Harbortouch makes it easy to input new items and keep track of merchandise. When it comes time to restocking inventory, the Harbortouch helps you keep track of what items sell quicker than others and what your return on product investments you will see.

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In Depth Reporting

The Harbortouch offers a full suite of data management and reporting which can be used to track and analyze customer spending behaviors, employee sales and time, product merchandise and order, total sales, and profit. The reporting suite helps make business decisions on when to hire new employees, which merchandise to stock, how to market different deals, and how to run loyalty programs.

calendar management

Booking and Calendar Management

The Harbortouch offers an excellent booking and calendar interface that makes scheduling a breeze. You can tie appointments to employees to make better staffing decisions and tie reservations for specific tables to get a better insight about seating arrangements. The system also is setup to easily handle walk-in appointments to determine to staff and wait times.

Email and Text Reminders

Email and text reminding customers immensely helps lower canceled appointments and keeps customers on time. Top uses of the system include sending out an email or text reminder when the appointment is scheduled, the night before the appointment with information about the appointment, and information about how to cancel if something were to come up. You can configure your default reminder templates within the Harbortouch system to get the best results.

employee managemet

Employee Management

The Harbortouch like many another point of sale systems on the market also handles employee management by curating staffing schedules and managing time clocks. The system also keeps track of tip amounts and payrolling helping you save valuable hours of your day. You can also edit timesheets directly in the system and you will be able to keep track of employee sales and overtime.

database management

Customer Database Management

The customer database management on the Harbortouch is easy to set up and helps with marketing efforts and customer loyalty programs. Customers can be added directly
You can easily input customer’s information into the data management system to aid with scheduling and marketing efforts. You can alert customer lists about new events, deals or savings, and use the list to keep track of membership programs.

Harbortouch Features

  • Multi-station support
  • Customer database
  • Integrated customer display
  • Receipt printer
  • Cash Drawer
  • Table tracking
  • 24/7 in-house support
  • Tableside iPad ordering
  • Online ordering
  • Online reservations
  • Menu customization
  • Barcode reader attachment

Upgrade Your Point Of Sale System Today

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