poyntThe Poynt payment terminal is another option on the market for payment processing systems for small to medium sized businesses in Austin, Texas. Poynt was created to fulfill a need for a secure and user-friendly payment processing system that is prepared for the future of payment processing. The Poynt will integrate with your existing cash register and will keep track of budgeting, inventory, customer loyalty, and much more.

Authorized Credit Card Systems offers the Poynt payment terminal to small to medium sized businesses here in Austin, Texas.

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Benefits of Poynt

Poynt was designed to offer cutting edge solutions to point of sale processing systems.

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Integrated Reporting

Poynt offers a fully integrated reporting suite that will keep track of inventory, monitor profit, and maintain customer loyalty programs. Poynt will also integrate with third party apps like QuickBooks.

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The Poynt was designed to offer premium security and 24 hours a day fraud protection. The system offers full encryption from the point of sale and is fully PCI compliant.

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User Friendly

The Poynt was made to ease some of the hardships that come with a switch to a payment processing system. The user interface is setup to give quick and responsive page loads and quick processing.

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Future Proof

The Poynt is a great investment for small business owners because it is future proof with a wide array of payment processing features including NFC, EMV, magnetic stripe, and QR codes.


The Poynt has the option to connect to WiFi, compatible with 3G connections, or an ethernet cord making it easy to use on the go or integrate into your current internet setup.

Poynt Features

  • Up to 8 hours of rechargeable battery life
  • Barcode and QR scanner
  • Receipt printer
  • Signature capture
  • Private tip-management
  • Consumer messaging
  • PCI-certified PIN entry
  • 24/7 terminal security monitoring
  • Dedicated secure processor
  • EMV certification

Upgrade Your Point Of Sale System Today

If you are looking to upgrade your point of sale system, Authorized Credit Card Systems is here to help. We offer a free consultation to go over what the needs and security of your business are and cover the different point of sale systems that we offer.