Our credit card processing rates start as low as 0.5% and go no higher than 3% per transaction.

Our company makes its living by processing a small rate for each of your transactions. For instance, if you paid $100 to a business that uses one of our processing solutions, we would get no more than $3 off of that purchase.

Most agents in the industry get asked the age-old question “What are your rates?” and, most of the time, they dance around it. The simple answer is your effective rate will range from 0.5% to 3%.

Effective Rate Equation

An effective rate is the sum of all of your monthly credit card processing fees divided by the sum by the total volume of your transactions processed. This tells you the bottom line “rate” you paid for your payment processing.

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What is the effective rate you will be paying?

Your effective rate depends on the size of your business and its activity.

Various Credit Card Types

Your business has a merchant account.

This account processes transactions from your customers using different types of cards (such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex). Each card issuer has a detailed schedule of fees known as Interchange that every processor pays into to process transactions on behalf of Merchants and Cardholders.

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Every processor uses independent agents to sign up businesses to use their services.

Authorized Credit Card Systems is an example of an independent agent. Some other independent agents are Wells Fargo, Regions Bank, Costco, Sam’s Club, and QuickBooks. If they have offered you a credit card at any point and were not just a credit card company, they are an independent agent. Most of the businesses listed are agents for individual processors.

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Each processor has expenses on top of their interchange fees

These can include fees for customer service, technical support, operations, and much, much more. The cost varies among processors based on the programs and services offered by the company. This can also be where other agents can get you. By putting fees on top of it, they get to benefit more.

What makes us different?

Authorized Credit Card Systems acts as a direct agent for more than seven processors and 25 other industry service providers. We look at all options for you, see which services match up with what you need, and get you the best one for the job.

We want to lower the amount of fees you have to pay.

We want to keep costs strictly to any interchange you have to pay, any fees you need to accrue for your company, and the small commission we derive per transaction.

Lower Cost Strategy

The more details a business can share with us, the better we can be in estimating what your effective rate should be. Although we are agents for the processors, once we get you processing, we become your advocates to support, help and assist you and your business. You are our customer, not the processor.

Does our pricing model work?


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Above all, we value you.

We have helped companies grow by leaps and bounds because of this model. Compared to someone like Square, who may charge you 3.5% per transaction, we offer a lower rate. This passes on the savings to you, letting you invest that extra money into your business.

We make sure you can afford the processing fees for the services that you need. We will never push a processing service out of your price range. We want you to get the best rate. The more business you can do, the better we do. It’s as simple as that.

Our pricing model has also helped us land more than 600 clients in Texas alone. As independent agents, we are always on the lookout for companies who are in need of credit card processing. The number grows every day and we are excited for you to join our team.

We want to be unlike any other credit card processing company. Authorized Credit Card Systems has gone out of its way to establish a business model built on actual client satisfaction. We will bend over backward to make sure you are getting everything you need from your processor.

Ready to examine your pricing a little closer?

Contact Authorized Credit Card Systems now. We will meet with you to find the right processing services for your company. Know that you have an advocate for you that is looking to keep your business up and running. Fill out our form now or call us for more pricing information.