High-volume transactions in the foodservice industry mean you need to be ready to get lots of customers what they want and on their way. A credit card processing system from Authorized Credit Card Systems will make sure your restaurant or bar can handle a large volume of customers fast.

Just Swipe and Go

Server Holding Credit Card while Customer signs receipt

Customers with big demands and tight deadlines need everything quick – especially their food and drinks. Authorized Credit Card Systems can equip restaurants and bars for customers in a rush. Swipe-and-go technology means your customers can swipe their cards, sign their receipts, and get out the door. When time is a factor, the speed of your transaction can affect everything from the customer’s decision to buy to their satisfaction with your business.

Keep your customers in control of their purchases with an innovative credit card system.

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Simple Tab-Keeping

Unpaid tabs can be a huge hassle.
Don’t lose track when drink orders are coming in non-stop.

Credit card processing lets your customers enjoy their bar experience without worrying about the bill. You benefit from enhanced regulation of tabs and payments. Let your customers hold onto their cards while you watch their orders. Print receipts for signatures to close transactions. Track tips easily and keep both paper and digital records.

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Straightforward Meal Payment

Forget about counting change.
Stop worrying about bounced checks.

Guests at restaurants come in all colors. Some love to sit and chat after their meals. Others just need to eat and run. Keeping anxious guests waiting can spell trouble for your business. Give the payment reigns to your guests with a credit card system. Customers can choose when to pay and, when they’re ready, your wait staff can quickly close any transaction.

Customize Your System

Our credit card processing services are adjustable for any type of business.
Are you a mom & pop diner?

You’ll want to keep costs low and minimize your equipment to help your business grow.

Starting a franchise?

You’ll have to compete with others in your area. Draw the most customers with easy and fast transactions.

Got an upscale restaurant?

Don’t let payment get in the way of a good meal. Fast, responsive, and reliable equipment keeps your guests from waiting too long.

Own a dive bar?

Combine good eats and classy drinks with a credit card system ready to handle both. Open and close tabs on the fly.

Stocking a full bar?

Track inventory to make sure that particular customers have exactly what they want when they want it.

Whether you’re serving burgers or brews, Authorized Credit Card Systems has the expertise and equipment you need to provide consistent, quality service with the convenience of credit card payment.