There isn’t just one processor that applies to every business in the world. Many companies attempt to make a template so they can use the same solution for every client. Your business needs the right solution for credit card processing.

Authorized Credit Card Systems likes to do things a bit different. We try to find out what your company needs to run best. Each processor is different, so you need one that gives you the best services. Whether you are a brand new start-up or an established company, we can help.

Here are just some of the credit card processing solutions our company has for you. If you need more customization, contact Authorized Credit Card Systems and we will work with you to find a possible solution.

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Merchant Accounts

Merchant accounts are a necessary part of each business. If you are just starting up, we can help you set up your very first merchant account. If you have been around the block a couple times, we can sit down with you and find out if you are getting the most out of your merchant account.

A merchant account helps take everyday transactions and funnels them into the proper bank accounts. When you set up a merchant account, you are setting up your business. Without them, the transaction process would be much more complicated, if not impossible given today’s business environment.

If you’d like to explore more benefits of merchant accounts, contact Authorized Credit Card Systems. We can talk with you about what a merchant account from ACCS has to offer. Make your transactions more profitable than ever.

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POS Systems

A point-of-sale (POS) system makes your credit card payments work. However, it is very easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of POS options you have available. There are so many ways to conduct a credit card transaction that finding the right one can be an art form.

For Authorized Credit Card Systems, we believe that the best POS system will offer you more than just transaction functions. They can also provide you time management tools, data collection for your business, automated task creation, marketing tools, and even inventory management.

ACCS wants to sit down with you and help select the right POS system for your workplace. Whether it is a full-on point-of-sale machine or something a bit simpler, we can help. Choose the right system for your workplace with our help and make your business run smoothly.

Card Readers

A card reader or a card swiper is a bit different than a POS system. Instead of worrying about the infrastructure of a full sales machine, you can use a card reader to conduct simple transactions.

Many card readers can plug into a pre-existing device with internet access. If you need to conduct transactions with your computer, then we can find a USB reader that connects flawlessly with your setup at work.

Your card reader needs might not necessarily call for the biggest and the best. Get the right card reader for your business and make sure it is optimized for the best usage. ACCS can help determine what your business needs are and find the right card reader for you.

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Mobile Systems

If you run a food truck or other portable business, you may not have the space or the advantage of a stationary office. You need a payment solution that can get your transactions flowing at all times at any place.

Mobile pay lets your customers do business from anywhere on the planet. You only need access to a data plan or an internet connection. Instead of being chained down by bulky equipment, take your company on the road and get your sales where they need to be.

Authorized Credit Card Systems can get your business mobile in five days. Don’t be stuck within the walls of your office. Go mobile.

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