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A credit card reader allows a transaction to happen between a vendor and a customer with a credit card. The credit card will transmit information to the vendor, such as client information, card number, and the status of the card’s validity. In return, the vendor will transmit the amount of money that needs to be charged.

Your business cannot function without a credit card reader. Authorized Credit Card Systems has multiple options to get your business operating and at minimal cost.

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Choosing a Credit Card Reader

There are many different kinds of credit card readers. Some are designed for small businesses while others are designed for massive corporations. You need what works best for you.

Some characteristics that make a card reader stand out are:

  • Usability

    How easily do cards slide through the reader? Even a single extra swipe after a failed transaction can decrease customer satisfaction with your brand.

  • Speed

    How quickly does your machine process a transaction? If your reader is slow or keeps the customer waiting, it may be time to consider an upgrade.

  • Flexibility

    Is your credit card machine compatible with your other systems? Your card reader should work in sync with your point of sale system to make the customer experience seamless. Your customer’s role should only be to slide his or her card and enter information.

Mobile Card Readers

Sometimes you need to swipe a card but you aren’t in your office or store.  Whether you’re working at tradeshows, festivals, food trucks, or another remote location, ACCS can help you process payments.

Virtual Terminals

Virtual terminals link merchants with their credit card processors through software that works within the credit card processing system. With a virtual terminal set up for yourbusiness, you can:

  • Process credit card transactions
  • Process ACH transactions
  • Verify purchases and returns
  • Generate data-rich reports

Virtual terminals can be customized to fit the needs of your business. Record vital transaction data that can help you streamline your credit card processing systems and make successful purchases easier than ever.

ACCS Can Help

Authorized Credit Card Services can implement your credit card payment systems. We’ll make sure your card readers will speed through transactions with accuracy and get your customers the products they want the moment they want them. We’ll also stay by your side so we know that you’re happy with your choices – and we’ll help you make a change if you’re not.

Sit down with us and let’s talk about what credit card readers can do for you and your business.