One of the first big steps in solidifying your business is to begin accepting credit card payments from your customers. Today, most transactions are made digitally. Constantly shifting business needs make the flexibility of purchasing on credit a necessity.

If you’re ready to make the move to accepting credit, get a merchant account from Authorized Credit Card Systems. We can help you open your merchant account, customize it to fit your business, and help you maintain it so your business can earn its full potential.

What is a merchant account?

A merchant account is a bank account that allows your company to begin accepting credit card payments. They are tailored for businesses who want to make regular transactions on credit.

To get a merchant account, you need to fill out an application. The application is submitted to a payment processor, who completes the setup of your account. Within 48 hours, your account will be approved.

If you choose, you can get online access to your merchant accounts for either a free or nominal fee. Authorized Credit Card Systems can check to see if your new processor has online access options available for merchant accounts.

As cash and checks become more of a rarity, credit cards see more use than ever before.

When customers are satisfied with the products and services they are receiving, they grow businesses. Successful enterprises have to be ready to change the way they do business to continue to meet the demands of their customers. While small businesses can handle small cash transactions and payments through mobile devices, medium sized businesses require the freedom and security of a merchant account.

Merchant accounts are the standard for managing credit card processing transactions. As cash and checks become more of a rarity, credit cards see more use than ever before. A merchant account gives your business the ability to have electronic payments.

What can merchant services do for my business?

It’s important for you to understand how a merchant account can affect your business. Take full advantage of the benefits by staying informed.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of your merchant account:

Easy Management

Accepting credit payments lets you balance your books on the spot. Instant transaction information lets you see up-to-date numbers, allowing you to make important decisions and move money where it needs to go fast.

You can also observe trends in incoming and outgoing funds and make predictions about where your business is headed.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Merchant accounts enable your business to meet your client’s needs while saving your company time and money. Today’s customers expect fast transactions. The faster a transaction can be made, the better the customer’s experience.

Customers want the convenience of carrying their money everywhere they go. When customers don’t have to make endless trips to the bank or ATM, they are happier with your service and their experience.

Merchant services let customers take advantage of recurring billing. Recurring payments help customers with the burden of paying bills when you need them. Make sure that you receive payment for your services on time with merchant accounts.

No Transaction Errors

Since electronic equipment takes care of the transactions that go into your account, no money changes hands, keeping errors to a minimum. Your customers will prefer the speed and convenience of sliding their card to the hassle of writing checks.

All transactions are approved or disapproved on the spot, giving your business the security in instant financial income.

Bigger Bank Account

Customers who pay with credit and debit are more inclined to spend a little extra with each transaction, which means more money to expand your business. Even small amounts of extra revenue can add up quickly.

Increasing coin stacks

Why should I choose an ACCS merchant account?

Authorized Credit Card Systems is more than just your average credit card solutions provider. Our approach is customer-focused, and we maintain open communication with everyone who uses our systems.

We’re there for you from start to finish. We will consult with you to find out your large or small business needs and how your merchant services account will benefit you. We’ll make sure you are comfortable with your account and won’t push you to make hasty decisions.

If you choose one of our accounts, we’ll also be there after setting up your account to make sure everything runs the way it should. Should problems arise, we’ll be available by phone or e-mail to address your specific issue and get your business back on its feet fast.

Contact Authorized Credit Card Systems as your merchant service provider to get a merchant account started as soon as possible!