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To read the information stored on the magnetic strip of credit cards, businesses need credit card readers available for customers at their point-of-sale. Readers are what enable customers to pass their card information to businesses quickly and easily.

Authorized Credit Card Systems knows the latest card reading technology. If your business is looking to start accepting credit payments or even upgrade an existing system, we can guide you. Our expertise will optimize your credit processing with the right equipment for your customer base.

Choosing Mobile Credit Card Processors

Credit card processing is just as vital to your operations as quality service and a competitive product. A faulty card reader can hinder daily business or bring it to a complete halt. That means lost revenue and manpower for your business, and worse – a dissatisfied customer.

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Mobile Credit Card Readers

For small to medium sized businesses, a mobile card reader might be a more inexpensive and convenient option. Even the smallest of businesses can benefit from mobile card readers.

Using mobile devices as card readers has some amazing benefits:

  • Built-in point of sale

    Mobile card readers are usually designed to work with the manufacturer’s software. That means you don’t have any extra point-of-sale equipment to buy. You can use your tablet or smartphone to do business wherever your customers are.

  • Encourage growth

    Mobile payment means services and products can be sold anywhere anytime. Business can move locations fast and bring their sales equipment easily. In this way, small businesses can find the most successful locations quicker than ever. Affordable devices and service mean that growing enterprises don’t have to choose between capability and price. Small businesses can go bigger faster with more options and limitless mobility.

  • User friendly

    While they may be used by some titans of industry, mobile card readers have billing software that caters to the customer-centric business owner. By keeping systems simple, mobile readers stay accessible to businesses of varying sizes at any stage of their development.

  • Inexpensive

    Most mobile readers are affordable. Since they are made with the on-the-go business owner in mind, they must be kept small, lightweight, and manageable. Their size and mobility mean savings for business owners looking to invest more in mobile goods and services.

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