If you are setting up your business’s online payment services, you will need processing solutions that deliver for your customers as well as yourself. That’s why Authorized Credit Card Systems can create a online payment function where you can pay with just the click of a button.

ACCS can set up a gateway where customers who are checking out can easily buy their things. Don’t send them to other sites. Keep them on your site and get them to pay in a more personal way.

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Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a point-of-sale system that allows your customer’s online transaction to go right to your processor. Your business must keep up with online users for commerce in the 21st century. Having a payment gateway for online business sets you up for success.

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Your customer’s payment information is also securely stored.

There is no need to worry about their info being stolen. All financials entered over a payment gateway is sent only to the processor and nowhere else. The processor then gets the financial transaction and uses it to put the appropriate amount in your merchant account.

All payment gateway transactions happen in 2-3 seconds.

In that time, your business will find out the request made from your new customer as well as the info needed from the processor. This can save your company time and can keep you focused on running your business instead.

Payment gateway systems are so smart that many can screen out false and stolen cards instantly.

Many systems will double-check where the purchase is happening, how many purchases are happening, where the package is being delivered to, any card placed on a “blacklist,” and even checks fingerprints if possible. Instead of having to call a card provider, you can streamline your system to instantly reject cards with stolen information.

Within three days, the transaction is completely finalized.

You have the money you need to keep your business running, and you have another satisfied customer. All of this is thanks to a payment gateway set up by Authorized Credit Card Systems.

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How Can Authorized Credit Card Systems Help My Online Payment Services?

Our company has worked with hundreds of businesses to set up their online profile. Many of them don’t know how to make their company’s business even work on the internet. With our help, we can not only improve their transactions for online sales but get their entire company moving online.

Other credit card processors will not focus on getting your business up and running. They will set up your internet gateway and then leave you to figure it out. That’s not how we do business and it never will be.

We want your business to succeed. That's why we do what we do.
When we create an online payment service for you, we give you two things:
  1. The ability to conduct your online sales without worrying,
  2. The knowledge you need to grow your business.

Unlike other credit card processors, we work with multiple vendors to provide the best online gateway for you. A multinational corporation will not have the same processing needs as a small-to-mid-level business. That’s why we like to pull many resources and never give you the priciest vendor. Instead, we custom make the solution just for you.

We will never do a hard sell on you. ACCS wants to leave your business better than we found it. We work towards finding not just the best online payment system, but the best way to make your business work. Whatever we can do to make your customers’ payment experience easier, we’ll take it.

We want to give you the best calls to action on your site. We want your customers to find the transaction buttons quickly. We don’t want your clients to have a hard time figuring out how to do a sale. They deserve the best and so do you.

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