The Talech is an iPad powered point of sale system great for small business, restaurants, and stores in Austin, Texas. Talech’s smart system integrates payment processing, rewards and loyalty programs, and a wireless data plan all into the convenience of a tablet. The Talech is customizable and versatile so whether you need an on the go solution or a reliable in-store system, the Talech is a viable solution for you.

Authorized Credit Card Systems offers the Talech payment terminal to small to medium sized businesses here in Austin, Texas.

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Tell friends or associates about the versatility of the Talech point of sale system. Whether you’re looking for a dependable in-store system, or a mobile payment solution, the Talech is a great option for small to medium sized businesses.

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Benefits of Talech

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Inventory Management

With Talech’s barcode scanner it is easy to keep track of your inventory and integrate new products into your system. The barcode scanner will create a new product when it detects a new barcode making it easy to add pricing and additional product information. When products numbers are tallied up it will keep track of when products are sold, helping with ordering and sale numbers.

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Real-Time Sales Data

The Talech app connects to your online portal allowing you to monitor sales data in real time. The online application allows you to break down sales to determine high traffic and low traffic hours at your business which helps with employee staffing and marketing efforts. The real-time dashboard will also help you make more data-driven business decisions.

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The Talech terminal uses encryption keeps customer data safe and secure through every step. The Talech also protects from credit card fraud by offering and EMV chip and pin card reader which adds additional data encryption.


With the dependable 4G LTE wireless network plan and private network included with your Talos, your point of sale system will not rely on a local wifi or ethernet cord connection. If a power outage or internet outage occurs in your business, your system will still be up and running.

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Employee Management

The Talech’s online portal and in-store payment processing system keeps track of employee sales data to help you with scheduling and sales performance. When set up, you will be able to better manage workflow and staffing. The Talech system also handles employee hours and timeclock schedule.

Talech Features

  • Turnkey solution
  • Anytime, anywhere
  • Easy to use
  • Strong support
  • Deep business insights & analytics
  • Loyalty & gift card programs
  • Powerful security

Upgrade Your Point Of Sale System Today

If you are looking to upgrade your point of sale system, Authorized Credit Card Systems is here to help. We offer a free consultation to go over what the needs and security of your business are and cover the different point of sale systems that we offer.