Authorized Credit Card Solutions wants your services and equipment running smoothly at all times. If you’re having small issues that may have a quick fix, try some of these tips for troubleshooting our products and services.

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POS System Problems

The most common error in POS systems is printing problems. Even a small paper jam can hurt your sales machine. Printing issues can also be a warning sign that there are bigger problems on the rise. By looking for printing problems, you may discover underlying issues that need your attention.

  • Check the paper supply
    For printing, running out of paper can be a small but annoying headache. It has a simple but often overlooked fix. Make sure receipt paper is stocked before resorting to more drastic measures.
  • Check network connectivity
    First of all, make sure you haven’t gone offline. Anything from stormy weather to clumsy employees can knock your systems off of the grid. If you find that you have lost Internet connectivity, let your service provider know about the problem to get back online. When your devices lose network connections, they sometimes have to be reset or rebooted to resume their normal operations. Even after you’ve restored your network connection, check your devices to see that they are functioning normally.
  • Check hardware and cables
    Don’t forget that you have to have your entire system connected. While many systems are moving to wireless connectivity, cables are still an important part of a point-of-sale network. Make sure each and every cable is plugged in tightly and that they are routed to the proper places.

Issues with Card Readers

Your credit card readers can also act up from time to time. Let’s take a look at some on-the-spot fixes for your card reader troubles.

  • Check your connections again
    Card readers are sometimes a separate part of your POS system and need to be connected to the other moving parts of the network. Double check those connections to make sure your reader is reaching its target.
  • Make sure the card isn’t damaged
    Cards are swiped so often that they can get worn down well before their expiration date. While the magnetic strip that holds the card’s information is designed to be durable, it is still susceptible to wear and tear. Dirt and dust can also form blockages on the card that prevent readers from seeing all of the information on the magnetic strip. If your card reader won’t take a card, inform your customer and ask for another card or form of payment.
  • Check the swiping method
    Some card readers prefer that a card be oriented perfectly when being swiped, so customers have to swipe carefully to make a purchase. Help your customer adjust their swipe and make sure it’s being done only once and very quickly.

Merchant Account Troubles

Most issues with merchant accounts should be handled by ACCS. However, there are a few common problems that you may be able to solve on your own.

  • Login trouble
    If you manage your merchant account online, you may run into trouble trying to log in to your account information. Check that the Number Lock key is engaged and the Caps Lock key is not. If you can’t log in, consult any hard copies or backup information you have to find a record of your login information. Check to make sure that there are no errors. If you are sure that you’re entering your login information correctly and still can’t access your account, contact us for further assistance.
  • Balance Errors
    If your balance doesn’t look like it’s quite where it should be, double check it with your own records. Make sure all transactions are accounted for. Don’t hesitate to be suspicious. Record unusual transactions and report them to us so we can find the disconnect.

What if I have other issues?

Don’t forget to check our FAQ to make sure that your question hasn’t already been answered.

Of course, you can call our customer support line for problems large and small. We’re fully dedicated to keeping your systems online and working at their best. We’ll even help you on-site if you are within a two-hour radius of us. Don’t hesitate to call!